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Last Updated: Aug 18th, 2011 - 02:50:54
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Papuan Human Rights : Military Operations

Aug 18, 2011, 02:49

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“We urge International community to use the opportunity of your visit to Indonesia to call on the Indonesian President to halt all military operations in West Papua and return all military personal to their barracks as a way of easing tension and saving lives. We also urge you to raise with senior Indonesians, the plight of dozens of Papuan prisoners of conscience who were jailed as result of peaceful dissent and urged that West Papua's political status to be resolved”.
 Chronology of Thousands of Mass Action Demo in Jayapura, Timika, Manokwari, Wamena, Biak, Merauke, Sorong, Paniai, Nabire and Jakarta State Palace.

Peace Action Demo supports International Lawyears for West Papua (ILWP) conference in London, England on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 are planned to take place throughout Papua safely. Places to go down a peaceful demonstration of Jayapura, Timika, Nabire, Wamena, Manokwari, Biak, Merauke, Sorong, Paniai and the State Palace in Jakarta. In accordance with the reports we received from all over Papua West Papua People that strongly supports the full conference ILWP with their traditional expressions of each. Participants of peaceful demonstrations all the action is almost the same as the number of the action every 3000 people a place of action.

From observation of the West Papua National Committee [KNPB] as the nation's media people of West Papua as well as domestic political responsibility which has been mediating the people to hold peaceful demonstrations to support the ILWP High Level Conference in UK, in all areas of Papua: Jayapura, Timika, Nabire, Wamena, Manokwari, Sorong, Biak, Paniai and the State Palace in Jakarta. KNPB monitor the security apparatus mengamankana peaceful demonstrations with very strict consisting of members of the Police, Papua Police Mobile Brigade and supported by the Indonesian National Army, Kopasus, Detachment 88 and BIN country Indonesia in Papua from start to finish has been moving its members to maintain security and order in during the rally.

A number of armored vehicles were parked everywhere throughout the land of Papua. Moments later crowds began to arrive and gather in gathering point prepared by the Committee for action as he unfurled a banner supporting ILWP High Level Conference in London, England. Furthermore, a number of representatives from sliding all the figures to Merauke in turns delivering speeches demanding a referendum for the people themselves can determine the Papuan Political rights to self-determination. "We do not believe the Act of Free Choice in 1969 which was made unilaterally by the government of Indonesia, therefore we value the Disability Law. Moreover, the economic life of the people of Papua in tatters ".

Thousands of demonstrators joined in the national media people of West Papua West Papua National Committee (KNPB), Tuesday, August 2, 2011 conduct a peaceful demonstration in support of the International Conference on the theme 'West Papua - The Road to Freedom', the Conference itself is an activity conducted by two institutions Papua solidarity, namely IPWP and ILWP and Free West Papua Campaign commanded by Benny Wenda and Melinda Jangki, International Lawyers for West Papua [ILWP].

The action supports the Conference in Papua Head I KNPB, Mako Tabuni, when interviewed at the demo site, said that, "Right now, we want to prove to the world and Indonesia that we want to self-determination through legal mechanisms are legal and legitimate, both in Indonesia, as well as internationally ".
These photographs were taken when the Papuans from Merauke to Sorong hold a peaceful demonstration in support of the International Conference by ILWP in Oxford, UK on August 2, 2011.

 Indonesia responses of West Papua people Peace Action Demonstration supported to International confrence by International Lawyers for West Papua [ILWP] in Oxford, UK.
• Response Defence Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro
Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro not fends off a possible international support for separatist movements in Papua. Until now, separatist movements continue to occur in the area. "There is a possibility, but not yet arrived at that conclusion," Purnomo said, to overcome the separatism in Papua, the government will coordinate with local governments. This is due to local government that knows better the root of the problem in the area. "We must get information from our troops on the ground and have to distinguish what is criminal or has been moved to a movement that is more serious," he said. Purnomo said, will coordinate with the police to overcome these acts of separatism. "Obviously with the existence of this incident is clear we will not tolerate separatist movements," he said.
• Feedback from Hendropriyono
Response from Hendropriyono, former Head of State Intelligence Agency (BIN), proposed that the Government of Indonesia to hold a national referendum to determine whether the Papuans remain with Indonesia or escape. He said the move was one way to solve problems in Papua. "We just ask the UN to make a national referendum. All nations agree baseball Irian Indonesia were separated from Indonesia? It just will not agree. Do not just local referendum," said Hendro in Jakarta, Wednesday (08/03/2011). Hendro said, if only the Papuans were consulted or not related to escape from the Republic of Indonesia, the possibility of asking the people of Papua will secede as happened in East Timor.
• Feedback from Budi Susilo (Defense)
The Indonesian government firmly rejected the idea of referendum. "If there is (discourse) explicitly reject the government's referendum. There is no referendum," said Governor of the National Resilience Institute (Lemhanas) Budi Susilo after meeting with the President. According to Budi, current threat to the Republic of Indonesia not only in the form of violence, but also comes in the form of the mindset to get out of Indonesia. To handle the threat, he added, could not by force, but with a dialogical approach. Budi admitted that the President expects the dialogical approach put forward in addressing the issue of Papua. "The president can not even tell us immediately if any gebuk," Budi said.
• Program Director Imparsial Al Araf
Program Director Imparsial Al Araf said the government is still promoting military security in the settlement of the conflict in Papua. At least it's illustrated with still over military operations in Papua, which has the potential to cause human rights violations as happened in Puncak Jaya.
"The government should also reduce the number of military personnel in Papua, which is estimated as many as 14,842 personnel. If there is no reduction, possibly in 2024 will be doubled to 32,000 troops. The number of military forces as much as it is tantamount to label regions of Papua as a military emergency," said Al Araf.

Some of the responses that we fit in this report as if the Central Government to implement policy in a persuasive and dialogue when military operations are carried out to the West Papua National Liberation Army, activists and fighters to the fundamental rights of indigenous Papuans are very visible in Papua . It has been proven that the major operations conducted in Papua done arbitrarily by the Commander, Regional Commander, Chief of Police and Police chief unilaterally so that the Vice Chairman of Commission I Tubagus said Hasanuddin, who carried out the deployment of military forces in combating the separatist movement in Papua assessed against the rule because needed to pressure political decision not based on the DPR and the President.
Tubagus reveals, there are at least four factors that trigger, namely the marginalization and discrimination against indigenous Papuans, the differences are very striking historical perceptions between the people of Papua with a lot of elites in Jakarta, the failure of economic development in Papua, and prolonged trauma.
• Response from Poengky Indarti
Executive Director of Imparsial Poengky Indarti asess human rights in Papua weak supervision. "We have carried out human rights monitoring authority of the Commission is not powerless, either because the opacity of information as well as trimming and military indifference to the recommendations given Komnas HAM," said Poengky. A number of cases of human rights violations that are not completely resolved the Commission include in the 1984 murder of Arnold Ap, human rights abuses against civilians in the region Amungme PT Freeport Indonesia by the Indonesian military (1973-1995), human rights abuses and violence in Papua during the Reformation before the enactment of the Special Autonomy in 1998-2001, as was the case in the district of Paniai torture, arbitrary shootings in Kemtuk-Sentani, as well as the murder of Papuan Presidium Council, Theys Hiyo Eluay. In addition, there are cases of electoral violence in the Peak District that killed 23 people in Ilaga on Sunday (31 / 7) as well as the persecution and murder of a group of unknown people on the Rise Nafri-Abepura that killed four people and wounding at least seven people on Monday (1 / 8).



"The West Papuans have been menunjuhkan to the World that the" nation of West Papua is the nation's dignity, polite, have self jatih the same with other nations who align with other nations in the World through Peace Action Demos large-scale throughout the Land of Papua ".
 Prospective Student stabbing case and the Criminalization Demo USTJ KNPB August 2, 2011 Peace Conference ILWP support in Jayapura. Tuesday August 2, 2011 events are not held responsible by the group of irresponsible, because there was a stabbing on campus residents in the vicinity komleks USTJ Papua. This news was reported by the Papua issue of Star Wednesday, August 3, 2011, that a prospective student University of Science and Technology Jayapura (USTJ) have undergone persecution and stabbings which, according to the recognition of victims, La Ode Rusdi, carried by some protesters KNPB on Tuesday, August 2 2011. As if the media Bintang Papua explain chronological events that happened to prospective students this USTJ for diverting the issue is not responsible for the mass actions that have been successful demo of Peace held a support to the Conference for Peace Action Demo ILWP safely and orderly.
So at night the police who came to stabbing victims and asked for information regarding the incident. Jayapura City Police Chief, AKBP Imam Setiawan, sent a summons to the Maco Tabuni as penyanggung Peaceful Demo responsible action for the investigation of the case as witnesses to help police uncover the perpetrators of the persecution that accompanied the stabbing of the victim. So in this case of West Papua National Committee [KNPB] see as the diversion issue to the people of West Papua nation with Peace Demo action that has been carried out safely, peacefully and orderly. Whereas persons who did the stabbing and the persecution of the victims came from instead of mass action was a peaceful demonstration.
On the day Wednesday, August 10, 2011 Chairman of the National Committee of West Papua I [KNPB] MacoTabuni Jayapura police chief calls meeting to clarify the news media in Papua star who preach that the stabbing was the perpetrator of mass action Peaceful Demo. Jayapura police chief said that KNPB always hold a Peaceful Demonstration action with the orderly and safe. So in this case the police and the Indonesian Military Peace Demo criminalize actions that have been held with the safe and orderly. These have shown that West Papua in a very emergency of activists, civil society and to the fighters the basic rights of Papuans.
 Shooting - Shooting in West Papua.

Shooting action is happening in the city of Jayapura both in Nafri, Abe Beach, Black Land and is happening in Papua is the Indonesian State Intelligence Agency engineered to divert the issue of Papuan struggle to criminalize peaceful nation that until now we report to the world that "Until now there has been no official penyanggung Reply from the parties entered into the shooting of civilians in West Papua.
The shooting is going on in Papua is very dangerous to civilians in Papua since Indonesia conducting military against civilians in inhumane related shootings that are happening. These shootings occurred before and after the conference the International Lawyers for West Papua [ILWP].
In particular chronological KNPB reported shooting that occurred in Papua to divert the issue of West Papua's struggle to criminalization by people not responsible are:
1. The first shootings occurred on Monday, August 1, 2011 at Nafri, Jayapura in West Papua on the night at 19:00. 2 civilians killed in a shooting six civilians were injured.
2. The second shootings occurred on Monday at Abe Coast, West Papua, Jayapura
3. The shooting of a third Town Car transportation occurred on Tuesday, August 16, 2011, there were no fatalities in this shooting.
4. Four shootings against civilians in the district Tolikara that killed four civilians when conducting demonstrations of Peace Action.
5. 16-17 August 2011 The Indonesian military was an attack against civilians in Paniai, West Papua. Indonesian military attacked civilians in the region Paniai, Deiyai and Dogiyai with weapons against civilians in Papua.
6. Weapon contact between the Indonesian military with TPN-OPM Tingginambut, Puncak Jaya massively still happening today and a lot of killing civilians.
7. The murder of two Papuans who came from the districts of Sorong. was found stabbed and dead place in Buper, Jayapura, Papua. Occurred on Friday, August 12, 2011.
 Biak KNPB Report August 13, 2011
Military Situation in the Region Biak, West Papua. On August 13, 2011 at 13:00 Warships Indonesia National Army Marines Navy BANTEN 516 BAY arrived at the port of Biak. Vessel containing the forces of the Navy with the tools of war as well as various types of explosives. Thus the situation in Papua is very tense in the society and government.

Community activities and governance in Papua there is little disturbed by the entry of warships in Indonesia and Papua pendoropan Military massive especially on the island of Biak. Seeing several warships entered the harbor and one of them at the port of breed on August 13, 2011 at 13.00 to make the people of Papua are threatened. Keeping in the safety of the Nation People of West Papua, the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) mendsak to People International Media Nation International Parliamentarians for West Papua West Papua (IPWP) and the International Lawyers for West Papua (ILWP) promptly review the reaction of the Government of Indonesia and pleading for help to send monitoring humanitarian and international journalists in Papua for the sake of saving the soul of West Papua from the brutal actions that are being and will occur by all the uniformed services as national defense Indonesia.
These photographs were taken by KNPB Biak region when Warship Indonesia's military who have entered the Navy at the Naval Base in Biak, Papua August 13, 2011.

 Report of the Military Situation in the Timika area. The Indonesian military has been deployed in all the land of Papua. One of the Joint Military Team Indonesia consisting of Brimob, Kopasus, TNI, BIN, Police, Detachment 88 and Tim Gegana Center has been lowered for the sake of security in Timika PT. Freeport Indonesia. The Indonesian military began descended from the day Monday, August 1, 2011 in Timika through the plane of the TNI-AU. After arriving in Timika, the Indonesian military directly placed around the operation area of PT. Freeport Indonesia. Government of Indonesia has taken steps for the sake of securing military repression in West Papua in all fields. The National Committee of West Papua Timika region judged that there would be arbitrary killings of civilians in the Timika area, especially around the area of operations of PT. Freeport Indonesia.
Seeing that very emergency situation in Papua is currently the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) as the media called on the people of West Papua:
1. International Parliamentarians for West Papua [IPWP] urged Indonesia to withdraw military forces are rampant throughout the land of Papua.
2. International lawyers for West Papua [ILWP] urged Amnesty International and Red Cross observers Internatioal and humanity in order to reduce its forces throughout the territory of Papua.
3. Urged countries in the world to urgently resolve the political status of West Papua at the United nations [UN]
4. The killing is going on throughout the land of Papua, so we urge and told journalists and human observers can monitor the current situation in Papua. Do not wait for the victim increases.

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